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Pay regard not to the substance of the things you do but to the motive which causes you to do them and this must be the motive of love.”  Adelaide de Cice, March5, 1797  

Pope Francis in his 2014 Easter Vigil homily spoke of fact that one of the meanings of what Galilee signifies for each of us is “the experience of a personal encounter with Jesus Christ who called me to follow him and to share in his mission.” 

When the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary was founded during the time of the French Revolution, one of the works that the members of the Society focused on was catechesis as a basic way of sharing in the mission of Jesus in response to taking over the works that had previously been done by some religious orders.  Reflecting on the actions of the early Sisters, I cannot help but see how they were definitely “returning to Galilee” and putting that experience into action for out of love of God rather than for public accolades.

The members of the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary ministries are not restricted to those listed on our web page.  Although many of the ministries we choose are the same of lay people, it is the hope that the difference is that any ministry we choose is done so in an ongoing conscious awareness of God’s love, presence, and will in our lives and the lives of those to whom we minster. Each member of the Society pursues a manner of ministry that she has discerned will best enable her to be a Christ-bearer to others and help them to become aware of God’s presence and love in their lives.

One of the ministries that I believe I am called to is to serve as a catechist in a local Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program.  The whole purpose of the program is to help the children have a personal relationship with Jesus through a combination of listening to and reenacting the various scripture  stories using dioramas and miniature figures, as well as praying based on a psalm or scripture passage.  I definitely see this ministry as one that fulfills Adelaide’s advice to “Pay regard not to the substance of the things you do but to the motive which causes you to do them and this must be the motive of love.”  It is not that we ignore dogma and doctrine, but we teach it through the stories and in a way that the children can understand.  The children are also encouraged to reflect on what God is saying to them through the scripture stories and the scripture passages which are the source of prayer at the end of the session.  There is much encouragement for the children to reflect on what the scripture passages are saying and how they applied specifically to their lives.  Over the past year of participating as a volunteer in the program, I have been blessed to see how the children have grown in their awareness of Jesus as a person and have come to love Him in a very intimate manner.  I thank God for having the opportunity to experience the wonderful way God acts in  the lives of others when we act out of love of God and for the glory of God rather than our own.

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