Does the thought of becoming a religious keep comming up in your life, even if you try to dismiss it?

Has responsibility for a parent's care kept you from pursuing a dream of religious life?

Have you experienced a surge of joy or peace somewhere deep inside as someone spoke to you about a vocation to religious life?

Is God waking you up to a new possibility to service in His Love?

Now might be the right time to seriously consider consecrated life...perhaps a vocation to the Daughters of the Heart of Mary.


As authentic women religious, we live a contemporary yet often hidden life-style modeled after Mary of Nazareth and the early Christians.  Striving to witness to the power of a life lived in love, fidelity and service in all circumstances, our vocation demands that we be ever mindful that every human being carries the presence of God within.



Paula Gaudet, Vocations Director

Hello!  I am delighted to share on this page the stories of a few of our sisters. 








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as celibate women we live our lives for others, exemplifying concern, compassion and charity towards the poor, lonely and neglected members of our society, and advocating against racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination and injustice in the world.

as women called to live a simple and unencumbered lifestyle, we live in total dependence on God and interdependently with our sisters, desiring only what is necessary for our personal well-being and ministry.

as women of commitment and courage, we embrace a spirit of availability for the mission of the Church and the needs of our religious community, according to our ability to serve.

 A Prayer for Vocations

by Pope Francis


BLESS young people with the gift of courage to respond to your call.  Open their hearts to great ideals, to great things.

INSPIRE all of your disciples to mutual love and giving - for vocations blossom in the good soil of faithful people.

INSTILL those in religious life, parish ministries, and families with the confidence and grace to invite others to embrace the bold and noble path of a life consecrated to you.

UNITE us to Jesus through prayer and sacrament, so that we may cooperate with you in building your reign of mercy and truth, of justice and peace.   AMEN

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DHM International Website: www.sfcminternational.org/ENG

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